Amanda Shultz

When I was young, my mom took us to church. We changed churches several times, and eventually stopped attending at all. Growing up and then all through high school, I felt alone. Once I went to college, I started meeting new friends and I always had someone there, but I still had that feeling of loneliness in my life. I knew something was missing.
When I went to visit a friend of mine, I went to church with her and decided I needed to find a church in my area. I started visiting churches, and found one that I really liked. After a few weeks of attending church, two of the members came to visit me at home. God was truly reaching out for me. After visiting with them, I realized that I didn’t have the relationship with God that I thought I did. I accepted Jesus into my heart that day.


“Growing up and then all through high school, I felt alone.”


I am thankful everyday that I have God in my life. My relationship with Him has given me strength to get through some tough times. I no longer feel like I have something missing in my life. I also know that no matter what happens, He is always with me. I will never be lonely again.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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