Becky Robinson

I grew up not knowing what to think of God, because I didn’t think about it or cared really. Never went to church as a kid, or teen. I am a middle child who is not the athletic one of the three, which made me feel like junk. I had 3 people I called friends who really just let me hang with them. I became isolated and felt worthless. All I saw were people looking at me saying, “look at the fat girl,” which made me feel even more alone.
I was invited to a Wednesday night youth group. I went. I was very quiet because the people acted different. The youth minister cried while he was talking and I thought, “Man he’s passionate about something, because it’s making him cry!” I kept going there and made a new friend. I went enough to where God started speaking to me and not just those around me. Christ would not let me talk myself out of not knowing Him because I actually wanted to know Him for real.


“I grew up not knowing what to think of God, because I didn’t think about it or cared really.”


His love changed my life. God found me and wouldn’t let me go without getting my life right with Him. I will never regret that night by my bed crying, because I understood that no matter how far away I am or how alone I think I am, Jesus paid it all so that I could have life with Him. Ever since then, it’s not been easy, almost impossible. It’s like learning to walk again except with Jesus by my side. He made me into the leader I never thought I’d be, one He wanted me to be.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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