Brad Taylor

As a youth I had everything I could ever want. My family was wonderful and my parents were happily married. I was the youngest of five children who were very close. There was always food, laughter and love to go around. But there was something missing. What that was I did not know until…
God began to speak to me as I listened to a preacher teach about the death of a “rich man and Lazarus”. He told how this rich man was in hell and Lazarus (who had been a begger) was in heaven and this caught my attention. I had thought that my life’s goal was to make money and the more money I made the better. But Jesus used this story to show me that my real treasure was not in things but in Him.


“As a youth I had everything I could ever want…”


After praying to receive Christ, He has blessed me more than money could ever have. Jesus has given me peace, love, hope, the assurance of heaven, a loving wife, children and so much more. I could not imagine life without Jesus. Why don’t you ask Him to be your Savior?


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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