Cassandra Mundell

I grew up in NY State where not only the whether is cold, but so is the spiritual climate. My parents and I attended church every Sunday, I don’t recall ever missing. I learned of Jesus’ great love for everyone, especially for me. When I was 9 years old, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I thought that was all I needed to do: ask Him in. I missed the concept of allowing Him to be LORD over my life and seeking God’s will over my own.

Just after asking Jesus into my heart I was so excited about what had happened that I shared the story with a friend. But as I grew older, I wasn’t being taught from the Bible well and I lived my life like anybody else: lying, getting into trouble at school, being disrespectful, trying things I shouldn’t try, the list goes on. I recommitted my life to Christ when I was 20, then went off to a Christian college of MY choice, where I quickly learned the concept of what “God’s will” was all about.


“I grew up in NY State where not only the whether is cold, but so is the spiritual climate…”


After learning that God’s will was not for me to be in that particular college, but another, I surrendered completely and allowed His will to be done in my life. I learned how God truly cared about me and my life and wanted me to trust Him every step of the way. It was on a mission trip where the Lord showed me that He has a special plan for each and every person in this world. He wants all to come to Him and trust Him. Will you trust Him today, like I did?


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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