Cierra Natt

I made the decision to follow Christ when I was 13 years old. If I’m being completely honest I don’t remember much about my spiritual life before this. Where I have seen my spiritual life really turn around has been in college. Before recommitting my life to Christ, I was very misguided and easily tempted. I found myself trying to fit in with people who had values far different from my own. I had identified as Christian but I felt like I was wandering on my journey all by myself and I had lost who I was.

In my sophomore year of college, God had placed me as my sorority’s bible study leader. I was absolutely terrified. I was still finding my way and I felt so alone. It was not until I attended a Christian conference for fraternity men and sorority women that I felt relief because I knew God was with me. After the conference, I had recognized that I had not been living the godliest lifestyle. God had placed me in a position of leadership and I needed to be an example for others. So I decided to rededicate my life to Him.


“I made the decision to follow Christ when I was 13 years old…”


After my rededication, life has been incredible. I have been able to see God work not only in my life but the lives of others. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t still have rough days because I definitely do but it gives me such relief knowing that God is with me through it all. He has given me undeserved grace for all of my past sins. God has called me to work for the furthering of His kingdom and I could not be happier.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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