Darrell Edwards

I grew up in a good family that loved and supported me but I always felt second to my older, better grades, captain of the football team, brother. I grew up feeling very below average.

At 16 years old, I began dating this “preacher’s daughter.” She was beautiful, so it was worth having to go to her dad’s church every now and then. During one evening church service, through the speaker, God began to let me know that, yes, I was below average. In fact, I would never measure up to Jesus either. God also reminded me that He sent Jesus so I would not have to measure up. Jesus had already done that for me and because of this, I gave my life to Jesus.


“I grew up feeling very below average.”


Today, God trusts me with one of His most prized possesions-one of His churches. I am pastor of Western Meadows Baptist Church in Durant, OK. God continues every day to use below average people in extraordinary ways.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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How can I be saved?

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