Deborah Tarlton

My family rarely went to church. When I was a teenager I began to go to Skyview Baptist Church. I wrote a note to my mother and left it on her bowling jacket. The note was to let her know that I wanted her to come to church to see me get baptized. She (and my dad) were very surprised. But they came, I was baptized and thought everything was okay.
But then came the distractions: high school, boys, college, and a marriage. The marriage did not last. I met my second husband, moved to Stillwater, OK, had a baby and started searching for a church home. That marriage ended too. Finally, I realized the only love I really needed was the love of my Heavenly Father. Things were going great again. Then, my joy ended when I stopped reading my Bible, stopped going to church, and stopped trusting the Lord.


“My family rarely went to church…”


Now I am reading my Bible every day, trying to pray constantly for guidance and wisdom to live a life that is Christlike, and am attending Eagle Heights Baptist Church. My joy, peace and happiness is back. My sisters in Christ are a close-knit group and help me keep on the right track this time. Praise the Lord!!


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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