Elvin Tubre

As a child, my mother encouraged me to attend Sunday School and church. We were not allowed to smoke, drink or attend movies on Sunday. One Sunday morning, I simply asked Christ to forgive my sins and to fill my life with His goodness. After church I immediately went to see my uncle and told him I gave my life to Christ.

When I was drafted into World War II, though I began to drift away from serving Christ, I remembered Bible verses that gave me assurance of God’s comforting love and how my life should reflect the person of Christ.


“As a child, my mother encouraged me to attend Sunday School and church…”


When the war ended, my prayer for a Godly wife was answered. We established a Christian home for our family, attended church regularly, had daily Bible readings, prayer and sought God’s wisdom in our decisions. My wife died of cancer four years ago. Throughout the experience of her diagnosis and treatment I know without a doubt that it was God who gave us both strength for the days ahead and we spoke often about spending eternity with Him in heaven.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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