Harley Pryor

When I was little my mother never went to church and if we did then I do not remember going. Even though we did go to church or if we did go then I did not like it. I went because my mother and my mamaw wanted me to go. I had no reason to put God in my life. I was not a bad kid. I did everything that my mother told me to do but I did not know anything about being a Christian.

Later down the road my mother married a man and his family was godly. They went to church and we started going also. We would go every time the doors were open. I loved going to church but I wasn’t ready for the big step. Until, one day I was coming out of Sunday school and was heading to listen to preaching. I was in the worse mood possible. This man name of Kenny Fillers came up to me and took me into a room and was telling me all kinds of things about Jesus.


“When I was little my mother never went to church and if we did then I do not remember going.”


It was then that I accepted Christ into my life. I read my Bible and prayed for about 4 months, and then I slowly faded away from God. I got into the wrong group of friends and dated the wrong guy. It was the summer after my freshman year that my church went to a mission trip at Mississippi. It opened my eyes that God has a great plan for my life and the ladies down there helped me get back on track. I am following God to this day. He is my father and friend!


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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