Jay Wright

I had desires inside me I couldn’t control. At only 18 years old, I was confused and broken. My drug abuse opened the door to a life of immorality that no one saw coming. I decided to drop out and began living on the streets. The friends I thought were like family we not family at all. When I had nowhere else to go, I asked to move back in with my Mom. She agreed to take me back if I returned to High School. I was enrolled in a small Christian school. Everything was about to change.

Eventually, I met my teacher, Martha. The first time we talked, she said, “You might be far from God right now, but when you give Christ control, He is going to fill you with a new kind of life.” The more I read about Jesus, the more convinced I became. My grandmother eventually explained how Jesus died on the cross for my sin, so that I could be brought back into a loving, meaningful relationship with God. I gave up trying to live life my way and trusted Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.


“I had desires inside me I couldn’t control. At only 18 years old, I was confused and broken.”


Since that day, Jesus has been the most precious treasure of all. He helped me break the addictions in my life. He overcame the awful sense of guilt I had over my past. Without Jesus I would still be without hope. Although life since then has not been easy, I have a sense of abiding peace and happiness that only Jesus can bring. I know now that Christ died for me and He lives for me! Life with Jesus is precious and He wants the same relationship with you!


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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