Mark Robinson

The small town I grew up in valued just a couple of things in a young person. How well you performed in sports, if you behaved, and who your parents are would give you your identity. So, most of my identity was wrapped up in how good a football and baseball player I was. Who I dated mattered a lot to my friends as well. I can only recall a couple of people in my high school that had a relationship with God that made a difference in their lives.

I was trusting how good I was, not Jesus. I attended the Baptist Collegiate Ministry my freshmen year in college for the free food, and to meet girls. But, each week someone would stand up and talk about Jesus. I was on the baseball team, made straight A’s, and student council president. None of that was good enough to get me into heaven. One night I was in my dorm room praying while my roomates were drinking. I gave everything to Christ and asked Him to take control of my life.


“Most of my identity was wrapped up in how good a football and baseball player I was.”


Jesus came into my heart. I was born again. Almost immediately things changed. The old things didn’t matter as much. My self esteem became based on who I was in Christ. I experienced the power of God working in my life. I was able to understand the Bible when I read it. The twenty years following that night have proven to be amazing. God has always been trustworthy. I have shared this story with thousands of people and continue to see people come to a relationship with Jesus.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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