Mathew Shockney

For years, I lived my life for ME. What made ME happy? What is in it for ME? Living that way left me empty and never satisfied always looking for the next “thing” for me. I believed that life and the world was much too complicated for there not to be someone or something behind the scenes creating and maintaining. I finally reached a point, where in desperation; I cried out to “God” and asked for help. I received a phone call a few minutes later from a student wanting to talk about spiritual things.

I said YES!! and he explained to me 4 simple truths. 1 God created me to love me and live like Him. 2 My mistakes (sins) separated me from God’s perfect love and life, and someone had to pay the penalty for my mistakes and free me from guilt, shame, and fear. 3 Jesus paid the penalty for my mistakes so I don’t have to, and I can live free. 4 I had to make a choice about the life Jesus offers and turn from “my life” and embrace His life.


“I finally reached a point, where in desperation; I cried out to ‘God’ and asked for help.”


That day changed my life forever. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and make me the person He wanted me to be. In Christ, I found meaning beyond myself. I can go to bed every night and wake up every day free. I can be free from worry, free from the pressure of measuring up, free from the fear of what happens after death, free to live life on the edge taking risks and trusting God. I can be free to extend a supernatural love to people.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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