Michelle Ross

Before I knew Jesus as my savior, I was lonely and lost! My parents dealt with tragedies in their childhood. As a result, neither was able to build a happy home. Through the years I lived with which ever parent I was supposed to and I seldom felt like I belonged. Both of my parents remarried others; only to end in divorce, again. My siblings and I were encouraged to catch the blue bus to the local Baptist church…seeds were planted. I determined that I would grow up and find a happy life.
As life got worse, anger and frustration of failure was more than I could bear. I walked in on my mom, kneeling by the bed sobbing in desperation to God. My heart sank; the person in charge was helpless. God broke my heart telling me I’m not in charge of my own destiny. God showed me the power of surrendering to His will. At 14, I gave up fighting and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I have never cried so hard. I was set free from the worry.


“As life got worse, anger and frustration of failure was more than I could bear.”


By the time I went to college, God saved my dad from his alcohol addiction. God is now working on my relationship with my mom. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband of 20+ years and three beautiful kids. I have learned that it is important not to expect from people the things that come from God. When I feel frustrated because things aren’t going my way, I know that it is time to count my blessings and rely on God’s perfect plan for me.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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How can I be saved?

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