Phillip Daughtridge

I was a typical teenager. I drank and smoked a little to be part of the cool crowd. I met my wife, Donna, when I was seventeen and she was sixteen. I seldom went to church when I was young, but Donna grew up in a Christian home and I gladly started going to church with her every time the doors opened. I never experienced any earth moving sign or vision, but I fell in love with my Savior and I was saved and baptized when I was seventeen years old. I was on fire for my Jesus.

Donna and I got married three weeks after she graduated from high school. We loved Jesus and each other. We served him in every way we could and I even preached one Sunday morning. After several years, we had two children. Our faith was tested when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it became so severe I had to go out of work on disability when I was twenty five. For many years, my mental and physical health was a problem of varying severity. I still attended church, but years of inner pain slowly separated me from Jesus.


“I was a typical teenager. I drank and smoked a little to be part of the cool crowd.”


At age fourteen, my son developed a drug problem. I was determined to solve things myself and my family was being torn apart. Finally, around six years ago, I begged Jesus to come back into my life and fix the mess my family had become. My son is now married and has a good job. I am a deacon at church and God has called me to be a forty-eight year old freshman at SE Seminary. No matter how bad the failure or how big the mess, Jesus is the answer.


There’s more to life than breathing and feeling – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ. 
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