Writing an Effective Salvation Testimony

Tips to remember before writing your salvation story:

  • Start your story with a statement that will capture the reader’s attention. For example: “I was nearly hit by a car. That became a wake-up call for me…..” or “I had desires inside me I couldn’t control. My life wasn’t as good as I pretended….” Starting your story with references to Church or being raised in a Christian family will not peak interest or relevance.
  • Write about your life before trusting Christ. You story may begin with a need in your life. It could be lack of purpose, the search for the meaning of life, a loss, emptiness, fear, or an experience that became a wake-up call. Even if you became a Christ-follower at a young age, there was still something there that revealed your need for Christ.
  • Many have trusted Christ early on in their lives. You may not have much to write about before you came to salvation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something important to express. Write about the feelings you were going through at that time. Write about a situation in a general way that helped you to know your need of Christ. One friend of mine, who was saved while still a child, wrote that he had come to a point where he realized he was not as good as he thought or as good as he wanted other people to think he was. This was his personal realization concerning his sin and need for God’s forgiveness.
  • Explain how you received Jesus Christ. The second part of your story tells how you came to experience salvation found in Jesus Christ. How did this occur? When and where were you? Write down the circumstances and personal feelings of this time.
  • Tell about the difference in your life after receiving Christ. The last part of your story communicates how your life is now different since receiving Christ. How has he changed your life? What would your life be without Him? How did He fulfill the need or change the situation in the first part of your story? What other needs has He met?
  • Write out your story ahead of time and have a photo before submitting. Most people find it helpful to write out their story ahead of time in a document on a computer. Then you can copy and paste your story in the field boxes. Each box only allows for 100 words, so you story can only be 300 words max. There is a place for your photo to appear next to your story. The photo must be less than 200KB.
  • Now you’re ready to get started. Click HERE to share your story.

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